The Best Marketing GIFs of 2013 – so far…

Every day at Cinegif, we’re blown away by all of the new and unique ways marketers and advertisers are using animated GIFs in their digital campaigns.  What started out as a trend has now grown into a full-fledged strategy adopted by some of the biggest brands in the world.  Many brands across a variety of industries are now using animated GIFs to engage their customers.  This explosive growth has created a new and exciting niche in digital content.

Following up our popular The 10 Best Marketing GIFs of 2012 blog post, we’re showing off some of our favorite Marketing GIFs so far from the first three months of 2013.  We hope these inspire you like they do us!

Disney’s Oz The Great & Powerful – Movie Poster


As part of the March release of their latest blockbuster, Disney created a beautiful animated GIF movie poster and incorporated it as part of their promotional campaign.  It was first released on their Tumblr page and quickly became the talk of the internet.  In less than a month, it attracted 749 Tumblr notes and many social media impressions on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Beyond Yoga – Hip to Be Square


Beyond Yoga, a luxury lifestyle activewear brand, used this unique animated GIF as the main creative in an email campaign sent in March to promote their new Square Back Top.

Complex City Guide – Best Cocktails in NYC


Complex Media’s City Guide used animated GIFs to help tell the story of the Best Cocktails in NYC Right Now.  Unlike still images, animated GIFs add just enough movement to illustrate emotion, enticing you to want to click and learn more.  To date, the article has received hundreds of thousands of impressions and ranks as one of the most buzzed about stories on their site.

Google+ Gets “Giffy”


March was a big month for Google in regards to the GIF!  Google+ announced that animated GIFs are now welcome as profile pictures and event cover photos.  They also added the ability to filter animated GIFs as a category under their image search tool, making them easier to find as their popularity explodes.

Lil’ Wayne – Drops an Album and a GIF Cover


Rapper Lil’ Wayne, aka Weezy, released his latest album, I Am Not A Human Being II, in March and an official animated GIF album cover created by DONDA Designer Joe Perez and animator Eric Weindel to go with it. The intricate and intruiging GIF features a butterfly and a haunting smoke skull.

Bed Bath & Beyond – Organizational Hang Ups

body1 (1)

Cleaning out your closet got a lot more fun in January when Bed Bath & Beyond sent this email campaign encouraging their customers to get organized.  Their great use of emotion to get their message noticed definitely caught our attention.  Even the messiest people in our office said that it made them want to go home and straighten up.  We have a feeling this email was a big hit for Bed Bath & Beyond since we’ve seen them consistently use animated GIFs since then.

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Google Search Gets Animated!

Finding Animated GIFs just got a whole lot easier with Google’s new Images Search Tool update it announced today!  Now you can filter your Search by Animation to show only animated GIFs and high quality Cinegifs out in world wide web.  Google’s new GIF search is very easy to use and even gives you a preview of the animations directly from the search results page.  This new feature proves that Google is all in when it comes to embracing the resurgence of the animated GIF.  Smart move Google.

How it works: under Images, click Search Tools, click Any Type and select Animated.  That’s it!  The screenshot below using Redbox as our search term shows just how easy it is.


Here’s a great example of how Redbox is using animated GIFs in their email campaigns to get noticed and promote new releases.  Great job Redbox and thanks Google for making it easier than ever to find such marketing genius.