The Best Marketing GIFs of 2013 – strikes back…

It’s time for another installment of our popular “Best Marketing GIFs” series!  We’re continually impressed by the creative use of animated GIFs and really enjoy discovering the new ways digital trendsetters (such as yourself) are incorporating them into their marketing.  We’re also finding it increasingly difficult to narrow down our list as the use of GIFs in digital marketing is rapidly increasing.  Without further ado…here are more of the Best Marketing GIFs of 2013!

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Nike SB 


In lieu of a traditional photographic press release, Nike opted to kick it up a notch by using animated GIFs to reveal Paul Rodriguez’s 7th signature shoe.  We applaud Nike‘s innovation and also really like the unique GIFs created by Mr. GIF, a talented NY based artist duo.

West Elm

West Elm - email campaign

This delicious GIF is from a recent email campaign by West Elm.  The subtle motion of the watermelon slices definitely grabs your attention and is a fun way of announcing a summer sale.

General Electric 


Ever since General Electric launched their Tumblr Blog, they’ve been cranking out some pretty mesmerizing content and we’re big fans of their industrial GIFs.  Who knew that GEnx jet engines and nonthermal plasma could be so beautiful?

HMG Creative 

HMG Creative

Here’s an entertaining GIF that any Texan can relate to from an email campaign by HMG Creative, a full service creative agency and fellow Austinites.  If you’ve ever been to Texas in the summer, you know what it’s like to be HOT (triple digit weather ya’ll) and we love how HMG captured that feeling with this clever GIF in a recent newsletter.

Havaianas & Disney 

Disney Havaianas

Havaianas recently partnered with Disney for a new line of flip flops for adults and used this mischevious GIF to announce it in an email campaign.  Incorporating the cheeky Chesire Cat in a more graphic-style GIF is a playful way of revealing their new product.

Herve Leger 

Herve Leger

Here’s a more artistic example of GIF marketing from one of  Herve Leger‘s email campaigns.  This elegant and enthralling GIF of waves in the background crashing against the shore is a subtle yet effective way of grabbing the reader’s attention.

Erin Condren 

Erin Condren

This whimsical, graphic-style GIF from an email campaign by Erin Condren is one of our favorites. It’s a very entertaining way of showing off a worldwide fan base and an excellent use of the GIF format.



GIFs are also another form of artistic expression that enables writers, brands, and publications to visually communicate their story in simpler and more entertaining way. The hilariously clever folks over at Buzzfeed are industry leaders in using animated GIFs for their editorial content. They do a fantastic job of integrating them into their articles and they’re more interesting because of it.  They even add another level of reader engagement with their GIF Reaction-Cam.

Austin Chronicle 

Austin Chronicle-2

These entertaining GIFs were created by the Austin Chronicle for one of their recent featured articles – 2 Girls 8 Cups: The Goodetime Gals take our gross ingredient cocktail challenge to drink the unthinkable.  They’re a great example of using GIFs in editorial and website design as well.

Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus

The team over at Neiman Marcus are GIF Marketing experts and really know how to incorporate GIFs into their digital content in an effective yet elegant way.  They truly understand the versatility of a GIF and the powerful impact it has when used in an email campaign.  We had a hard time choosing only one of their GIFs because there’s really so many to choose from.  This particular one from an email campaign shows how versatile one staple item of clothing can be and how accessories can really change an outfit.  It’s a creative way of showcasing their accessories and demonstrating how they can enhance a simple white dress to create multiple looks.  It also shows that GIFs are a captivating medium not only for email campaigns but for ecommerce displays too!

CBS Sports  

CBS Sports

Here’s a GIF CBS Sports used on their website for their undisputed Pitch of the Day.   We’re starting to see more and more sports GIFs and it’s easy to see why.  Kevin Lincoln, Buzzfeed’s Deputy sports editor, said it best in an article by Neiman Labs.  “What GIFs do is sort of bridge the gap between an image and a video, which becomes incredibly useful in sports — you don’t have to wade through and listen to an entire highlight/video, but at the same time, you get the motion and action that makes sports sports.”

A Music Video Created Entirely of Cinemagraphs

Can you really tell a story with animated GIFs?  The answer is YES and all the proof you need is Joel Compass’ new beautifully haunting music video for “Back To Me” composed entirely of animated GIFs.

The animated GIF is a multipurpose medium and this innovative music video illustrates that perfectly.

The video, created by Ian and Cooper, may well be the bellwether to kick off a flood of filmmakers, artists, and other creatives using the Cinemagraph-style GIF landscape as one of the new arenas they choose to explore.

We knew it’d be a challenge to communicate story using only still images without the help of a narrator, so we also made a really rough animatic of the whole video so we could test how it paced to the music and came together narratively.  The shoot itself felt like part photo shoot and part cinema. In each set-up, we’d have our actors pose, holding still in a certain position while we shot about 10 seconds of footage.

Video Thumbnail

The diverse GIF can be used by anyone from a tumblr fanatic, to a marketer, and even a cutting-edge artist.

One of the many ways it can be used is as a video thumbnail.  Working in conjunction with video, GIFs can entice viewers to watch and incorporating them onto any webpage is easy.

joel_compass_-back_to_me-_1280x720_3-cine (1)

Enjoy the great music and relish in the fact that you are watching true artistic pioneers as they explore a new medium to communicate their story.