C’mon Yahoo! – You Can Do Better Than That!


Really Yahoo…was that the best you could do?  Is it just me or was the first GIF Yahoo posted when announcing their acquisition of Tumblr rather disappointing?  This faux pas shows what little Yahoo knows about the animated GIF and its immense influence on Tumblr.

My mom always told me that you never get a second chance to make a first impression and well…not so much Yahoo.  The Tumblr community is home to some of the greatest GIF creatives on the planet.  Yahoo could have easily reached out to one of them to blow us away with a GIF that rocked our world.

True artists and innovators like Jamie Beck and Kevin BurgINSAReed+Rader, Mr. GIF, and many others have worked hard for many of us and more importantly for consumers to move beyond the GIF of the past.  They have transformed it into a highly evolved, mesmerizing, and sophisticated medium.  Big brands like Neiman Marcus, Disney, GE, American Apparel, Amazon, Burberry, and MTV have assisted in the re-education process by sharing powerful and beautiful GIFs in email campaigns, web designs, ecommerce displays, and social media.  It’s a shame that all of this hard work, creativity, and thinking outside of the box was brushed aside by one of the most influential technology companies of the past 15 years.  It doesn’t exactly give you a warm fuzzy feeling.

The GIF is not the old low quality format that it once was.  It has matured and evolved into a professional, high quality image format that is as engaging as a video but as simple to use as a still image.  This is only the beginning of the ‘new and improved’ GIF.  At Cinegif, we are even taking it one step further by revolutionizing the GIF into the next rich media format.  For more information, please visit our website.

GE uses GIFs to communicate with the next generation


GE-Logo (1)General Electric, one of the world’s largest brands, added animated GIFs to their marketing strategy this week by launching a Tumblr site.  Even multinational companies (like GE) are seeing the value of using the animated GIF to get noticed and in doing so are bringing a new and younger audience into the conversation.  You may have seen the ‘Matrix’ villain Agent Smith recently in GE’s television and web ads.

As an industrial technology company, GE has loads of great content to create some fantastic animated GIFs from.  They’re perfect for visually enhancing web pages, email campaigns, and blog posts.  Here are some more neat examples by GE…



We applaud GE’s adoption of the animated GIF!  Their innovative visual approach is connecting them with the very generation of young people that will power their future success as engineers, rocket scientists, computer programmers, and machinists.  GE knows how to connect to today’s customer and future employees by communicating on the same bandwidth.  I have no doubt that GE’s vision will continue to “bring good things to life” for many more generations to come.

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