The Best Marketing GIFs of 2013 – the Third

The leaves are changing, the temperature is dropping, and pumpkin flavored everything is popping up.  That could only mean one thing… it’s time for another installment of our popular “Best Marketing GIFs” series!  Feast your eyes on some of the most recent and creative uses of GIF Marketing and get inspired for your next campaign.

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Food & Wine

Food & Wine

Animated GIFs in editorial content is an interesting use of the format we’ve been seeing more and more of lately.  In this article by Food & Wine, a GIF shows us a mixing technique for making a Sazerac.

Shoe Dazzle

Shoe Dazzle

Here’s a GIF that ShoeDazzle used in a recent email campaign to promote a sale for 2 pairs of shoes.  Their use of a GIF – rather than a series of still images –  to illustrate different styles available for purchase is a great way to showcase a product in a more engaging way.

Free People


The talented bunch over at Free People used this clever GIF in their summer CSA recipe blog series. This one was one of our favorites.  The thought of using a GIF to show a recipe or cooking technique is fantastic and definitely more enticing to the eyes…and stomach.

Shweiki Media

Shweiki Media

Our good friends and media superheroes at Shweiki Media used this super GIF in a recent email campaign.  This is a perfect example of using GIFs to attract attention to your business and shows that GIF Marketing is a fun and eye-catching way to promote your product offerings.

My Emma

My Emma

My Emma, an email marketing company, used this animated GIF on their website to show off their latest mobile features. The GIF shows their iPad app and a few of the options for customization. The folks over at My Emma really understand that in today’s digital-short-attention-span world, it’s often better to Show…then Tell.


B & H

B&H, a professional equipment company, used an animated GIF as a video thumbnail in a recent email campaign.   When you click on the GIF, it takes you to their video library presenting the Canon Cinema EOS line of cameras.  Rather than having a play button on a boring still image, the movement catches your eye and the moving preview of the videos entices you to watch.

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria's Secret

Victoria’s Secret used this animated GIF to showcase their new line of animal print products in a recent email campaign.  By using a GIF, they were able to demonstrate several products in a quick and entertaining way.  Definitely more appealing when scrolling through a mountain of emails in your inbox.

A Music Video Created Entirely of Cinemagraphs

Can you really tell a story with animated GIFs?  The answer is YES and all the proof you need is Joel Compass’ new beautifully haunting music video for “Back To Me” composed entirely of animated GIFs.

The animated GIF is a multipurpose medium and this innovative music video illustrates that perfectly.

The video, created by Ian and Cooper, may well be the bellwether to kick off a flood of filmmakers, artists, and other creatives using the Cinemagraph-style GIF landscape as one of the new arenas they choose to explore.

We knew it’d be a challenge to communicate story using only still images without the help of a narrator, so we also made a really rough animatic of the whole video so we could test how it paced to the music and came together narratively.  The shoot itself felt like part photo shoot and part cinema. In each set-up, we’d have our actors pose, holding still in a certain position while we shot about 10 seconds of footage.

Video Thumbnail

The diverse GIF can be used by anyone from a tumblr fanatic, to a marketer, and even a cutting-edge artist.

One of the many ways it can be used is as a video thumbnail.  Working in conjunction with video, GIFs can entice viewers to watch and incorporating them onto any webpage is easy.

joel_compass_-back_to_me-_1280x720_3-cine (1)

Enjoy the great music and relish in the fact that you are watching true artistic pioneers as they explore a new medium to communicate their story.