Cinegif and Twitter’s Vine


Have you heard of Vine?  It’s a brand new app currently available for iphone and ipod touch that allows you to capture 6 second video clips and post them to Twitter.  Because it is owned by Twitter, there’s a very good chance it’s going to be around for a while… and pretty popular.  Here’s where our new feature comes in:  Cinegif seamlessly integrates with Vine!  Now you can create high quality Cinegifs from your very own Vine videos that are perfect for use in e-mail campaigns, website design, landing pages, e-commerce displays, social media, and more.

To convert your Vine videos into a Cinegif, all you have to do is download the Vine app, link it to your Twitter, create your 6 sec video,  and post it on Vine and Twitter or Facebook.  Then just copy and paste the URL of your Vine video on Cinegif and it’s ready to be edited and transformed into a high quality Cinegif!  You can see the Vine video we used to create the Cinegif above at

Cinegif & Vine

Some people are calling Vine Twitter’s answer to Facebook’s Instagram.  In a recent WSJ article Dick Costolo, Twitter’s CEO, was asked, “Why did Twitter buy Vine?”  His response…

“When Facebook bought Instagram, I said we’re not going do what those other guys did. We’re looking for the next thing. The Vine guys showed Vine to Twitter’s co-founder, and he called me and said, ‘you gotta see this.’ We all agreed that this is the next thing down the road. It’s hyper-constrained publishing. It’s going to force people to be creative and foster this new art form of ‘how can I tell this story in six seconds?”

Many people are using simple apps like Vine, Viddy, and Socialcam to capture a moment on their phone while experiencing them and enjoying life.  They’re a wonderful opportunity for a marketer to capture those mobile moments anytime, anywhere and use them to further a brand.  Many Brands are already experimenting with Twitter’s Vine.  We want our customers to have the ability to create stunning and engaging digital content in the easiest way possible and be able to use video created anywhere.  That’s why we added this important and exciting new feature.

Let us know how you plan to use Vine and Happy Cinegiffing!