The GIF Trend Continues

The resurgence of the animated GIF is a hot trend in 2012 and will continue to be for many years to come.  With Amazon, Coca-Cola, VH1, Nike, Puma, Neiman Marcus, ThinkGeek, and many other national brands incorporating animated GIFs into their digital marketing strategy this year, the future looks bright.  Oh and by the way, the word GIF was also bestowed the honor of “Word of the Year” by Oxford Dictionary.  Not to bad for a 25 year old file format invented by Compuserve back when MacGyver was a primetime TV hit.

Neiman Marcus & Burberry Ad

Neiman Marcus & Burberry Ad

Many experts declared the GIF dead after it helped push MySpace into irrelevancy.  Yet the GIF was reborn to the beat of artists making Cinemagraphs and teenagers sharing everyday moments on Tumblr.  At the same time, Cinegif was born.  The only easy to use DIY service that caters to making professional, high-quality animated GIFs that are ready to use in e-mail campaigns, website design, landing pages, blog posts, e-commerce displays, and video thumbnails.  Just like the GIF, Cinegif has a great future ahead.

Earlier this week, Forrester Research released a forecast of digital media spend over the next five years. Good news: Forrester expects digital advertising spend to grow 17% annually between now and 2017.  Here is the growth breakdown by media:

forresterNote that the use of Rich media (excluding video) is expected to rise more than 16% annually.  Cinegifs are an example of new rich media that joins Flash and HTML5 as proven digital marketing formats.  Static images, which include the old “dumb” animated GIF format decreases 45% per year through 2017.  As far as digital advertising is concerned, the still image is dead.  New more engaging moving formats such as the Cinegif are rapidly taking over.

The Forrester report also indicates that good creative is and will be the key to a successful digital marketing campaign.  In addition, research by comScore shows that media placement accounts for only 13% of an ad’s effectiveness.  Good creative, on the other hand, has four times the effectiveness.

comScore ChartTherefore the resurgence of the animated GIF is not a fad but a trend that will continue for many years to come.  Many brands have invested tremendous amounts of money, time, and effort in order to make this format a key driver of their 2013 digital marketing campaigns.  Now there is data to back up the early success of the format as well as justify the ROI.

Let’s grow together to make the animated GIF the next “Best” thing for today and well into the future.

Black Friday Gets GIFFY!

Now that Black Friday is over and Cyber Monday is just memory, we wanted to show you a few of our favorite Cinegif moments.  Last week, Amazon sent out promotional e-mails containing eye-catching animated GIFs that demonstrate the impact of the GIF format.

We love this fireplace scene!  It is a great example of how much more engaging animated GIF enabled creative is than a boring still image.  Just to prove my point, I saved the GIF as a JPG so you could see the difference.

Which one would you rather have in your next e-mail campaign?  We also discovered some exciting new data that Experian Marketing Services shared in a recent blog post.   They found that “…72% of clients who’ve utilized animated gif’s or cinemagraphs experience higher transaction-to-click rates.”  I think the examples from Amazon clearly demonstrate why that is.

Amazon continued the GIF trend by sending out another e-mail campaign promoting their Cyber Monday deals.  Although the creative was not as elegant as the Black Friday ad, it still accomplished its mission of grabbing my attention.

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Happy Holidays from the Cinegif Team!