Google Rings in the New Year with a GIF


Google kicked off the New year with a simple but engaging animated GIF on their home page.  It has a variety of moving elements and is a great example of GIF Marketing in action fun to look at.

At Cinegif, we  predict that 2014 will be the year that GIF Marketing catches the wave and advertisers and marketers from Wall Street to Main Street will begin using animated images, animated photography and a new breed of simple video to add motion to still life.

2014 is the year motion art meets marketing strategy.

Thanks for making 2013 our best year yet and keep watching Cinegif as we continue to innovate, making the use of marketing animations easier and simpler for everyone.

Happy New Year!

Google Search Gets Animated!

Finding Animated GIFs just got a whole lot easier with Google’s new Images Search Tool update it announced today!  Now you can filter your Search by Animation to show only animated GIFs and high quality Cinegifs out in world wide web.  Google’s new GIF search is very easy to use and even gives you a preview of the animations directly from the search results page.  This new feature proves that Google is all in when it comes to embracing the resurgence of the animated GIF.  Smart move Google.

How it works: under Images, click Search Tools, click Any Type and select Animated.  That’s it!  The screenshot below using Redbox as our search term shows just how easy it is.


Here’s a great example of how Redbox is using animated GIFs in their email campaigns to get noticed and promote new releases.  Great job Redbox and thanks Google for making it easier than ever to find such marketing genius.