Beer Labels in Motion

Prepare yourself for the coolest beer labels you’ve ever seen…

Beer Labels in Motion

These Animated GIFs were created by Trevor Carmick, a Boston-based video editor/graphic artist/beer lover.  Even though they’re unofficial, you can’t deny that they’re pretty fantastic! Carmick says he became inspired to create them after reading a New York Times article about Dogfish Head Beer and their Cinemagraph-style GIFs.

Beer Labels in Motion

“I loved how a still image came to life and was forever alive and moving… yet still completely frozen in time. It was always in the back of my mind so one day when I saw a bottle label I thought, that would be a really cool to try that technique on the picture,” he told

Trevor creates these ingenious animated labels from his favorite regional and local craft beer labels which in turn has helped highlight some lesser known brews.  He began creating them for fun and showing them to his friends until one of them suggested he post them on Tumblr. Now he has marketers, beer companies, and fellow craft beer fans looking at his work and has even been received the attention of national news!

It’s easy why! GIFs are an ideal medium for digital marketing and we love his clever use of the format.  It only further illustrates how versatile and just plain awesome GIFS are. Congratulations to Trevor Carmick on his much deserved attention and for creating such innovative and fun Animated GIFs!

Beer Labels in Motion

Be sure to check out Trevor Carmick’s Tumblr Page Beer Labels in Motion (all images in this post were taken from there). Cheers!