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One of Cinegif’s most valuable features is that it automates the complicated process of creating a Cinemagraph.  The term ‘Cinemagraph’ was coined by NYC fashion photographer/artist couple Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg.  It refers to a moving photograph that captures just enough of a specific moment in time to illustrate emotion, yet leaves out enough to spark curiosity.  Cinemagraphs have become quite the rage in photography and artistic communities and millions of Cinemagraphs have been created all around the world.

Cinemagraph by Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg Copyright – Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg

The process is very complex, time consuming, and requires an expert level of Photoshop knowledge just to get started.  Cinegif has automated this highly technical process thus allowing you to spend more time creating rather than trying to figure out what settings, buttons, and sliders to adjust for the desired result.  What takes hours and days in Photoshop takes only minutes with Cinegif.

A few weeks ago, I went on the web to look for a good tutorial video.  The first one I found had 109 steps to complete a Cinemagraph.  Another video was 53 minutes long.  The one shown below caught my attention but was so complicated that half way through I began to think that I was being recruited by Homeland Security to fight terrorists.

Through no fault of the presenter, it just confirms that the process is difficult.  It also highlights the fact most of us have better things to do than watch a complicated video, buy an expensive software package, and take the time to master the technical recipe.

Why go through all of that when for less than $2 you can create your own in less than 5 minutes from upload to finished product.

Here’s our video on how to make a Cinemagraph using Cinegif:

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Cinegif featured on WebVideo University!

Click the Cinegif above to Watch the Video Podcast and see how this was made.

Animated images (animated GIF files) have been around since the dawn of the Internet. And they’ve been cheesy just as long.  But then along came video and the ability to create animated images from video. Add in an extra helping of creativity and originality…and you’ve got some powerful images.

Why is this important? Because these days web site visitors have ad blindness. They don’t see most ads, period. However, an animated image (made from video) will most definitely catch their eye. And the great news is that now anyone…including you…can quickly and easily create animated images from videos.

Thanks Dave!

Watch the entire video here: