Google Search Gets Animated!

Finding Animated GIFs just got a whole lot easier with Google’s new Images Search Tool update it announced today!  Now you can filter your Search by Animation to show only animated GIFs and high quality Cinegifs out in world wide web.  Google’s new GIF search is very easy to use and even gives you a preview of the animations directly from the search results page.  This new feature proves that Google is all in when it comes to embracing the resurgence of the animated GIF.  Smart move Google.

How it works: under Images, click Search Tools, click Any Type and select Animated.  That’s it!  The screenshot below using Redbox as our search term shows just how easy it is.


Here’s a great example of how Redbox is using animated GIFs in their email campaigns to get noticed and promote new releases.  Great job Redbox and thanks Google for making it easier than ever to find such marketing genius.


Cinegif Powers SXSW Roadtrip


Even if you have never heard of Mr. GIF, you’ve probably seen their work on the web.  The famous duo, Jimmy Repeat and Mark Portillo, will be participating in a panel discussion called  “The Economy of the GIF” on March 8th as part of the 2013 SXSW interactive festival in Austin, Texas.

I met Jimmy and Mark in early 2012 in NYC at dinner to discuss their work and our technology.  I had been a fan of their GIFs and wanted to meet the creative behind Mr. GIF.  They’re great guys with a lot of talent and we shared our passion for the animated GIF format over some oysters and beer.  A friendship developed and when they were selected to speak at SXSW, I saw it as a perfect opportunity to share our Texas hospitality (and a little BBQ) with a couple of city boys from New York.  They decided to “GIF” their way down to Austin in an RV with embedded online journalists from The Daily Dot and Tumblr.  Mr. GIF is using Cinegif to document their travels and provide a glimpse into the creativity of this new digital artistry.

Mr. GIF will also be contributing to the first ever animated GIF stock library which will be announced and launched at SXSW.

roadtrip banner We’re looking forward to their panel discussion on Friday, March 8th at 3:30 pm CST.  Follow their journey at The Daily Dot.