Cinegif featured on WebVideo University!

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Animated images (animated GIF files) have been around since the dawn of the Internet. And they’ve been cheesy just as long.  But then along came video and the ability to create animated images from video. Add in an extra helping of creativity and originality…and you’ve got some powerful images.

Why is this important? Because these days web site visitors have ad blindness. They don’t see most ads, period. However, an animated image (made from video) will most definitely catch their eye. And the great news is that now anyone…including you…can quickly and easily create animated images from videos.

Thanks Dave!

Watch the entire video here:

Just Can’t Get Enough of These…

© Copyright Jamie Burke & Kevin Burg

We at Cinegif cannot get enough of the artistry and creativity of Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg.  They just launched a new website that shows off all of their work along with a section just for Cinemagraphs.  The collection is fabulous and an inspiration for all creative professionals.

Because we couldn’t get enough, we decided to build an online tool to help others achieve a photo that illustrates emotion and sparks curiosity.  We think that this type of animated GIF is the next big thing in marketing and advertising.  You can check out our new motion tools at or learn how it works here.  Cinegif’s are a great way to improve e-mail campaigns, website design, e-commerce sites, video teasers and social media.

Click on the Cinegif Video Teaser below to see how easy it is:

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