We Bring You Monkeys, How-To’s and Birth!

Okay, that may not be the weirdest title I’ve ever used for this blog – but it’s darn close! Actually, what I’m talking about are three videos that we hope everyone even vaguely interested in Cinegifs – or in the new generation of animated .gifs – will watch. The first video is one I’ve mentioned before – the new documentary that PBS produced on the (re)birth of the animated .gif as a medium – this is a great video, and some of the major players in the new world of animated .gifs are interviewed – well worth the time it takes to watch it!

The second video is a “How-To” that we’ve produced, which  takes the new user through the basic steps of creating a Cinegif on our website. Titled “Idea”, this video shows just how easy it is to use our automated process to create a high-frame-rate, high-quality, second generation animated .gif from your own video.

The third video is a use-specific tutorial that shows the new Cinegif creator how to successfully insert a Cinegif into an email – in this case using the extremely popular Mailchimp platform as the email vehicle provider. (if you’ve ever used Mailchimp, you know that there WILL be monkeying around involved!)

Take just a few moments, and watch these videos – you’ll learn more about an exciting “new” technology that’s really been around for quite a while, and you’ll see for yourself just how easy it is to harness the power of Quality Video Anywhere!

Think of it as an “App-titude” Test…

We just wanted to remind you that the Cinegif technology that works so well on our website to convert videos via the Cloud is also available as an iPhone App! Go to the iTunes Store and check out Cinegif Text – you might just discover that you have a hidden “App-titude” for creativity…

Bring Texting to Life!             

Cinegif Text is an iPhone app that makes your texting more fun, more personal, and more engaging by adding your own instant play video clips to your everyday text messages.

Unlike traditional video, Cinegif Text creates small, animated .gif files that play instantly on most smart phones. Small file sizes still make big impacts, delivering motion and engagement without the hassles of traditional video — and without chewing through your data plan. Click here to bring your texts to life!