American LeMans Series comes to Austin in 2013!

By now, it’s no secret to anyone who follows this blog that I’m an unrepentant speed junkie, completely hooked on going fast – and watching others go fast – on land, water or in the air.

American Lemans Series One

Video Courtesy of American LeMans Series – Copyright 2012

So you can imagine my delight at the recent press release announcing the agreement between Circuit Of The Americas management and the American LeMans Series for a race to be held at COTA in the Spring of 2013.

American LeMans Series Two

Video Courtesy of American LeMans Series – Copyright 2012



I’ll be able to sit on a grassy hill, not ten miles from my house, and watch the traveling road show that is  the American LeMans Series, right here in little ol’ Austin, Texas!

American LeMans Series Three

Video Courtesy of American LeMans Series – Copyright 2012

Now, Formula One is a tough act to follow, but the American Lemans Series will do quite nicely, thank you. Prototype Sports Racers, Multiple GT Classes, and International Factory Teams – Deep in the Heart! It doesn’t get much better than that.

It’s really been amazing, watching a world-class, purpose-built Formula One track rise out of the former pastures and mesquite-laden hills just minutes from Downtown Austin. We’re rapidly closing in on 150 days until race day, and the level of activity on the Circuit Of The Americas is truly impressive.  I can’t wait!

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