It’s Spinning! A How to Guide

Feast your eyes on these tasty treats!


These beautiful GIFs are so mesmerizingly delicious, they’ll make your head spin!  This surprisingly simple technique lends itself to many uses and could even be used to easily enhance an ecommerce display or to showcase a product.


How did we create them you ask?  You’d never guess that they’re actually animated GIFs created from a simple slideshow of still images!  Our founder, Doug Richardson tells us it’s definitely easier than it looks.  First pick out a tasty treat (or product of your choice) and place it on a plate with a little oil underneath it.  Then just begin taking a series of images while lightly turning the dessert each time.  While you do that, make sure that your item remains centered on the plate and that your lighting is consistent.  Afterwards, all you have to do is  just upload the images onto the Cinegif platform and Create!

It’s really that easy and with a little creativity, this technique could be an easy way to use equipment you already have (smartphone or camera) to make some pretty sweet content for your digital marketing!

Want to give it a whirl?  Sign up for a free trial on today.