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One of the highlights of my job is talking to customers and hearing about the different ways they are using their Cinegif images.  We are continually amazed at the creativity both in the content of the Cinegif and how they are being put to use.  One clever trend that caught my eye this week was that companies are now using Cinegifs to improve their e-mail signatures.  Not only do they look great, but they are small enough to easily travel with every e-mail that you send.

This one was created by Todd Wallis of Virtual Media Group and is currently in use in his e-mail signature.  His Cinegif links to a 2 minute video on his website that talks about the services his company provides.

Here’s how it looks in his e-mail.  Click to see for yourself.

Virtual Media Group Video

We were so inspired by Todd and his team at Virtual Media Group that we began using it ourselves!  This is how mine turned out

Cinegif Signature

Create your own unique signature:

1. Start by creating a Cinegif that is no more than 150 pixels wide.  It’ll be saved in your Gallery with its own access URL or you also have the option of downloading it onto your computer.

2. Then simply update your e-mail signature block managed by your browser by either uploading the Cinegif or pointing to the access URL.

Note: If you are using Gmail, you can access your signature block under Settings, General, Signature, Insert Graphic, and then enter the Cinegif’s access URL.  Add a link to your website, landing page, video or whatever works best for you along with your contact information and you’re all set!

3 Easy Ways to Get Started with Cinegif

You don’t have to be a Photoshop wiz to create some pretty amazing animated GIFs!  Cinegif makes it easy for anyone to create Cinemagraph™ quality animated GIFs in just minutes and there are so many ways you can use them!  Here are just a few!

 1.   Add Video to Your Next Email Campaign!

Use Stock Video and our patented motion tools to add some action to your email!

Give Your E-Mail Campaigns a Makeover

  • Purchase and download a Video from any stock site such as Pond5 or iStockphoto
  • Upload it to Cinegif and edit it to just the right clip
  • Identify a motion element to isolate using our patented tools and Create
  • Download and add that beautiful Cinegif into your next Email Campaign!

2.   Bring Your Next Blog Post to Life!

Use one of your own Videos to add a captivating Cinegif to your blog!

Use Your Own Video to Create Animated GIFS

  • Take a video from your YouTube channel, Vimeo account, or Website
  • Upload it to Cinegif, edit it to just the right clip, and Create
  • Download and add your attention grabbing Cinegif to your next post!

3.   Add a Unique Slideshow to Your Website!

Use your pictures to add an appealing Cinegif to your blog! 

  • Pick a group or theme of your favorite photos and upload them to Cinegif
  • Using our easy drag and drop editing tools, arrange them in the order you want and Create
  • Download and add your fabulous custom slideshow to your website!

Cinegifs are special because they use the standard animated gif file format (.gif) and can be added just like you would a normal boring still image file (.jpg) on any digital platform.

Cinegifs also maximize quality while minimizing size, are instant open & play, are as simple to use as a regular image file, and still capture the movement and life of a video (no need for links, downloads, pressing play, or any other hassles that come with video files)!

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