Shweiki Media Superheroes & Cinegif

When we first met the Shweiki Media Team a few months ago, we talked about the powerful Cinegif and the many ways it could be used.  One thing led to another and shortly after that, Shweiki Media began using Cinegifs on their website and as part of their marketing campaigns. They were so effective that they asked us to record a webinar for them to send their business clients about increasing profits in an easy and cost effective way with Cinegif.  You can check out the webinar for yourself here or click on any of the Cinegifs below.

Here are some of our favorite Cinegifs created by our awesome friends at Shweiki Media:

Shweiki Media Cinegif

Shweiki Media

Shweiki Media

The story of Shweiki’s publication printing history goes back to 1984 when Gal Shweiki, a student at the University of Texas at Austin at the time, had an idea to create a student guide book listing all the best places to hang out.

This idea eventually led to the creation of The Student Guide to Austin, Shweiki’s first entry into the publishing field.  A few years later, Shweiki realized the need for a monthly student entertainment publication and started Study Breaks magazine in 1988.  As the magazine grew, Shweiki and his staff began helping other publishers with design and pre-press solutions leading to the purchase of their first web press.  Since then Shweiki Media has become a full service printing company specializing in:

  • Magazine Printing Services
  • Catalog Printing Services
  • Postcard/Single Sheet Printing Services
  • Newsletter Printing Services
  • Digital e-Zine Printing Services

The folks at Shweiki aren’t just printing pros that provide hassle free, profitable printing faster than a speeding bullet.  Like true superheroes, they help people too!  Shweiki is profoundly committed to the success of their clients and aims to nourish their future growth.  One of the ways they do this is by providing their clients with the latest news and expert advice through their blog, newsletters, and free webinars, like the one we did!

Thank you Shweiki Media and all of our customers who have realized the tremendous benefit of replacing a boring still image with an attention grabbing Cinegif.  We love you!

For more information about Shweiki Media, visit

The 10 Best Marketing GIFs of 2012

As the year draws to a close, the time has come to celebrate the 10 Best Marketing GIFs of 2012!  So grab a cup of eggnog, sit back, and enjoy the animated GIFs that caught our attention this year.



Dessert never looked or moved so good before we saw this innovative GIF.  It’s clean, crisp, and tells a story simply and to the point.  This GIF shows us why the multi-faceted medium is here to stay and why it has become a major player in digital marketing and advertising.

#9  Google+


We found this one while looking on Google+.  Its slight movement in just the right spots makes your mouth water and is a great demonstration of how slight movement elicits and expands emotion… and your taste buds.

#8  Craig Staggs


Artist and videographer Craig Staggs used a bar in Austin, TX as the backdrop for this colorful GIF.  It shows absinthe dripping ever so slowly into a glass.  This GIF was used in a variety of digital marketing including email campaigns and website design.

#7  Diesel


Diesel’s Autumn/Winter 2012 ad campaign will make you do a double take.  At first glance, the ads shot by famed fashion photographer Steve Meisel look like traditional, static outdoor ads.  But when you take a second look, you’ll notice they’re actually subtly moving.

#6  Burberry

Thanks A Million

Burberry’s “Thanks A Million” campaign tweeted out this personalized GIF to its Twitter followers after successfully reaching the one million mark on the popular social media site.

#5  Looper


The major motion picture Looper introduced us to the world’s first “official” GIF movie poster in October when the film premiered.

#4  Reed + Rader


Created for NYC fashion line Verrier, this delicate but powerful GIF was included as part of a series of “lookbook” animations that appeared on their website.

#3  Jack Spade


This GIF was included in an email sent out as part of their Fall Campaign.  One blogger commented, “When I saw Jack Spade’s email I was majorly impressed — it had one of the biggest animated GIFs in an email that I’ve ever seen! It immediately caught my attention and I watched the entire GIF play through, over and over again.”

#2  Amazon


This GIF was included as part of Amazon’s Black Friday email campaign used to kick off their ‘Deals of the Week’.

#1  Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg


True pioneers of the medium, Beck & Burg make every GIF shine with their masterful use of style and artistry.  This GIF was created for Lincoln Motor Company to celebrate the memory of romance alongside their timeless classic cars.

These GIFs are all great examples of the visual power of the medium and it’s just the beginning.  In 2012, not only did the GIF celebrate its 25th Birthday,  it was even honored as the Word of Year by Oxford Dictionary.  Yes, it’s been quite the year for the ‘new’ animated GIF and we’re looking forward to an even better 2013!  Happy New Year!