Unabashedly Promoting Our Panel for SXSW 2013…

SXSW 2012 – Random Scenes

Okay, I know, I know – it seems like just a few weeks since SXSW 2012 wrapped up, and many of us are still exploring the dizzying array of new concepts, technologies and opportunities that we discovered there…not to mention still playing with the dozens of new apps that we downloaded – but believe it or not, it’s already time to begin planning for SXSW 2013!

With that thought in mind, we’ve officially submitted our proposed panel: “GIF Marketing – Turning a Trend into Profit” to the 2013 SXSW “Panel Picker“, and I’d like to unabashedly promote our panel, and solicit your active participation in making it become a part of SXSW 2013!  You really can help make this happen, because one of the very cool aspects of SXSW’s Panel Picker procedure is the fact that it gives SXSW attendees an active voice in determining SXSW content and programming.  Hopeful presenters and/or speakers (like us!) have submitted their proposals to the Panel Picker, and now you, the prospective attendee, get to view all the submitted panel proposals, and vote for the ones that you want to see at SXSW 2013. Please go here to vote for ours – we’d love to show you how to turn this exciting new trend into profit for your business!

There are also a few other proposed SXSW panels that we highly recommend, and that we think are deserving of your vote and your support:

We’re excited to have this opportunity, and hope to see you all here in Austin for SXSW 2013!

Cinegif CEO Quoted in Forbes Article on GIFs

If one needs any more proof that the resurgence of the animated GIF as a medium is gaining momentum, and headed straight towards the mainstream, you need look no farther than a recent article that appeared on Forbes Magazine’s website titled “How To Make Money Off The Animated GIF Comeback”.   Forbes contributing writer Matt Miller delves into the current state of the medium, and quotes a number of the key players in the re-birth of the high quality GIF as a serious medium for marketers and communicators. (We’ve included this quirky animated GIF created by New York GIF animation team Jimmy Repeat and Mark Portillo, a.k.a. “Mr. GIF” for the Forbes article).

Our own CEO, Graham McFarland, is one of those interviewed, and we’re both pleased and excited to see him get some “ink” in such a well-respected media vehicle. As we’ve stated before, what began as a trendy, cool, “insiders’ toy” among artists, hardcore computer geeks and imaginative teens is now gaining real traction and increased use as a dynamic new medium of communication – a short form of enhanced digital imagery – that allows marketers and communicators to tell a story and engage their audiences without the cost, complexity and added infrastructure necessary to use traditional video.

So thank you Forbes, and “hats off” to Matt Miller for a well-written,  insightful article! If you’d like to learn more about animated GIFs in general, or Cinegifs in particular, go to our website, and access the library page, where you’ll find links to tutorials and documentaries covering all aspects of creating, using and learning about the background of the new generation of high quality GIFs. While you’re there, create an account and sign up for a FREE Trial, and create a few high quality GIFS of your own – we won’t promise that it will get you written up in Forbes – but it will give you a dynamic new way to communicate!