Kmart launches “giffing out” themed commercials for Black Friday

Nothing says Black Friday better than Kmart’s new set of GIF themed commercials. Kmart introduces a new term “giffing out” to help put a spin (or a loop) to the resurgence of the animated GIF. We first saw these on Buzzfeed and quickly fell in love with Kmart’s creativity and boldness. Kmart continues to redefine the ad space and use GIF Marketing to separate themselves from the overwhelming fire hose of media during the holidays.

Today we are thankful for creative professionals and companies like Kmart that go that extra mile to keep us entertained and willing to push the envelope. Will “giffing out” be the phrase of year in 2104?  Maybe – who thought the “selfie” would have made it this far.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Lonnie Whittington says:

    you must be kidding! most annoying commercial this season…

  2. KPatterson says:

    What a stupid and obnoxious commercial. It inspires me to never shop there, ever. Also, Kmart needs to stop trying to be cool; “giffing out” is not going to happen. It’s just stupid.

  3. These GIF marketing commercials are a really interesting concept. I certainly agree that Kmart’s marketing department has been doing things right and I really like that they are continuing to push the envelope. For instance, their other holiday commercial from this year was “Show Your Joe” and it involved a new rendition of the classic jingle bells song. If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth checking out.

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