“GIF-ITI” – Ketel One & INSA

K1_INSA_GIF-ITI_26MAR13_600pixKetel One Vodka announce the first installment of the DO ONE THING WELL craft collaboration, CC#1, with experiential street artist INSA displaying his craft at Roest, Amsterdam until May 2013. Launched in 2012, the DO ONE THING WELL campaign celebrates the passion and skill required to achieve success in a discipline. Ketel One is on a quest to celebrate these craftsmen who exemplify knowing how to DO ONE THING WELL.

We at Cinegif love INSA’s work because he brings together the physical and the digital to create art that lives forever.

INSA began his career as a graffiti writer, painting streets and buildings as he traveled.  He soon became known for his trademark ‘graffiti fetish’ pattern, which can be seen on the walls of cities around the world.


INSA has a bold vision and reputation for not doing things by the book.  Always keen to push boundaries and innovate further, INSA has gained a huge following globally through his recent experiments with social and digital media. Using ‘GIF-ITI’, a term INSA coined when he began to create the first ever GIF animations of graffiti work; INSA brings the outdoor spectacular to life in an exciting and creative way, using a meticulous and labour-intensive process’ often requiring him to repaint an entire wall by hand several times.  INSA’s unique GIF-ITI invention has captured audiences by creating street art that paradoxically only exists online.

See more INSA and learn more about the Ketel One Modern Craft project



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