Cinegif & Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the fastest growing segments of digital advertising.  Its 20% annual growth rate is creating opportunity for businesses of all sizes and is also one of the forms of digital marketing where Cinegifs are most widely used.  We decided to do some investigating of our own to fill you in on just how GIF friendly the top email marketing services really are.

Cinegif Email Platform Performance Chart

Here are a few Best Practices to consider when incorporating a Cinegif into your next email campaign:

Simple is Elegant

The power of a Cinegif is in its subtle motion that communicates just enough emotion to spark your curiosity.  Less is more when it comes to motion in an email.  Don’t litter your email with multiple Cinegifs that fight for a viewers attention.  Rather keep it simple and elegant with just the right amount of movement to peak their interest.  For the best user experience, keep the file size of your Cinegifs to no more than 1.2 MB when using them in an email campaign.  That way you ensure that your Cinegifs load instantly and play consistently for your target audience regardless of their connection speeds.

Size It Right

If you’re uploading your Cinegif file, be sure to always use the original file size in your email.  If you let the email service re-size it on their platform, there’s a good chance the animation will break and the image will not play.  These email service providers just don’t have the necessary sophistication to re-size it correctly while maintaining the animation.  Get the size right in Cinegif, then upload it to the email service.

Easy Access (URL)

Using the Access URL is one of the best and most flexible ways to use a Cinegif in an email campaign.  We host your Cinegif using a private URL link that is supported by the majority of email platforms.  Unlike the uploaded file, when using the Access email services will typically display the Cinegif properly regardless of its size.  In most cases, if you use the Access URL you don’t have to worry about adjusting the file size or pixel width of your Cinegif prior to inserting it in an email.  This ensures a great user experience for your customer and eliminates any unnecessary hassles for you when creating your campaign.

We know there are many more email platforms out there and we would  be happy to include a review in a future blog post.  Just drop us a line at and we will make sure to include it.


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