Can Your Ecommerce Do This?


Take a look at these animated GIFs being used at ThinkGeek’s ecommerce website.  They’re a great example of how high quality animated GIFs can be used to help sell products.  ThinkGeek quickly demonstrates the value and features of these particular products by showing them in use.  Instead of a boring still image, they opted to show motion and draw attention to what makes the product unique.  They simply sprinkle them in their online catalog to capture consumers’ attention and sell more items.  You can see their website in action by clicking the logo below.


Other websites are beginning to use animated GIFs to sell clothing and other fashion merchandise.  What use to take multiple clicks and various stale images now happens automatically.  Animated GIFs quickly demonstrate an item and show its different options and features.  Here are a few more examples from the web:


Land’s End

0180-1008-2410-1326_082310bedbathandbeyond (1)

Bed Bath & Beyond / Sherwin Williams

One of the best GIF friendly DIY ecommerce sites is  They handle GIFs with ease and you can easily set-up your product displays to animate at any viewing size.  We recommend that if you thinking about creating your own ecommerce site, look into using Shopify.  And of course use Cinegif to make all of your professional, high-quality animated GIFs.



  1. […] The team over at Neiman Marcus are GIF Marketing experts and really know how to incorporate GIFs into their digital content in an effective yet elegant way.  They truly understand the versatility of a GIF and the powerful impact it has when used in an email campaign.  We had a hard time choosing only one of their GIFs because there’s really so many to choose from.  This particular one from an email campaign shows how versatile one staple item of clothing can be and how accessories can really change an outfit.  It’s a creative way of showcasing their accessories and demonstrating how they can enhance a simple white dress to create multiple looks.  It also shows that GIFs are a captivating medium not only for email campaigns but for ecommerce displays too! […]

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