GIF – The Word of the Year!

It’s not everyday that what you do gets recognized by a higher power.  In this case it is the noble Oxford Dictionary USA that has bestowed the illustrious honor of “Word of the Year” on our beloved GIF.  This is a very prestigious award and the word ‘GIF’ now joins an elite circle of past winners that includes other game changers such as ‘podcast’, ‘tweet’, ‘blog’, and ‘google’.

I will also proudly point out that it is part of our company name “Cinegif”.  In our humble opinion, the GIF has proudly risen like a phoenix from the ashes of web page “under construction” symbols and whatever other annoying or cheesy graphic you could upload to MySpace.  Advances in technology have given the GIF (used as a noun) a new life and transformed it into a high quality, instant open & play, silent video clip that attracts attention.  Artists are creating mesmerizing Cinemagraphs that capture just enough of a specific moment to spark your curiosity and teens are sharing GIFs across Tumblr and other social networks.

This trend will continue to grow and is already becoming a part of mainstream marketing and advertising in email campaigns, website graphics, landing pages, e-commerce displays, and social media.  Solutions like Cinegif empower professionals to create new hybrid works of art that are as engaging as a video yet as simple to use as an image.

Check out our infographic on GIFs & Marketing to see where this wonderful format (in both noun and verb format) is headed.

Congratulations to GIF and to all of those who have supported your comeback!  Long live the GIF!



  1. […]  In 2012, not only did the GIF celebrate its 25th Birthday,  it was even honored as the Word of Year by Oxford Dictionary.  Yes, it’s been quite the year for the ‘new’ animated GIF […]

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