Use Your Own Video to Create Animated GIFs

It’s so easy to create an intriguing or entertaining animated GIF by using video that you already have.   One of the great things about animated GIFs is that they’re instant open & play and small in file size, making them perfect for immediately grabbing people’s attention.  Many businesses are increasingly turning to their existing video footage to create animated GIFs for promotional purposes.

Here’s an example of a simple animated GIF that MTV created from a video to promote their TV show “Awkward.”

Here’s another simple animated GIF that we created on our site for the ASMP by using a video they already had.

All you have to do is…

  • Upload a video you already have to Cinegif
  • Ÿ Edit to just the right clip
  • Ÿ Click create!

It’s seriously that simple!  Anyone from “I’m a Photoshop Pro who codes for fun” to “I just got facebook” skill levels can create an animated GIF in minutes with video or image files.  You can even get fancy with it by using our patented motion tools to create a stunning Cinemagraph™-like animated GIF.


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