South Austin People – So.A.P. – Has Us All “Lathered Up”!

One of the nicer side benefits of what we do is frequently having the opportunity to meet people who build and run very unique businesses. My theory is that innovative, open-minded entrepreneural types are much more likely to embrace new technologies and to adopt new techniques in marketing and communications, so we encounter more than our fair share of these people as we spread the word about the new generation of GIFs and disseminate the Cinegif  “Quality Video Anywhere” message.

Case in point: We’ve just completed a series of Cinegifs for another incredibly interesting and wonderfully different local company: South Austin People (So.A.P.) All Natural Soap &  Body Care.

So.A.P. All-Natural Soap & Skincare Products

So.A.P. Owner and Founder JohnPaul Fierro graduated from The University of Texas in 2004 with a degree in Chemistry, and immediately began developing a unique line of natural, vegetable oil-based soap products. He leads a dedicated group of (South Austin) people who are completely committed to producing the highest possible quality product. Whether it’s all-natural bar soap, liquid soap, laundry soap, dog shampoo, or skincare lotions and creams, every single product is made by hand from fresh ingredients and a blend of up to ten organic vegetable oils! There are absolutely no unnecessary chemicals, dyes or petroleum-based ingredients.  So.A. P. products are both “Green” and “Clean”, and their philosophy is both simple and effective: do it right, use the best ingredients, and take pride in the finished product. It’s nice to find a company with both a conscience and the integrity to live up to the strength of their convictions. We’re proud to have a partner like South Austin People using our technology, and we salute both their commitment to excellence and their entrepreneural spirit.

The Cinegif above – which also graces the home page of South Austin People – is a full 600 pixels wide, yet the file size is only 814 Kb! That makes the image portable enough to open and play instantly on web pages, emails, newsletters and social media. Go to our website and sign up for a FREE Trial to create your own Cinegifs – we’ll be happy to help you realize your entrepreneural goals.


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