Clayworks Studio/Gallery – where handmade artistry is alive and well!

Every once in a while, we find a business that reminds us of the fact that quality truly does count. In today’s mass-produced, that’s-good-enough, just-push-it-out-the-door-fast-or-lose business culture, it’s refreshing to find a company that believes in the human touch, attention to detail, and taking the time to get it right.

Clayworks Studio - John Gray

John Gray carving detail on a handmade clay sconce

Clayworks Studio/Gallery  on East Sixth Street in Austin, Texas is just such a company. Owners Chris and John Gray produce architectural ceramics – lighting sconces, hanging fixtures, decorative tiles, ceramic address plaques, decorative pottery – and they do it the traditional way, with intensive, hands-on, human involvement, using the finest materials, and possessing an unshakable dedication to producing high quality items. We recently produced a series of Cinegifs for Chris and John to use on their website and in their marketing and communications campaigns, and we really had a blast meeting them and watching the true artistry involved in the creation of their products.

The Cinegif  above at right is barely one megabyte in file size, which makes it portable enough to open and play instantly in emails, on websites, and in e-newsletters.  Go to our website, and sign up for a free trial to create your own Cinegifs – harness the power of Quality Video Anywhere for your own marketing and communications efforts – it may just give you the chance to flex your artistic muscle!


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