Burberry’s #Thanks A Million GIF

To celebrate the accumulation of more than 1 million Twitter followers, British fashion house Burberry sent out animated thank-you cards, personalized with followers’ names.

Up to 3,000 followers received a virtual note card, emblazoned with their Twitter handles, in return for sending a tweet of congratulations or a tweet with the hashtag #thanksamillion, which the company paid Twitter to promote for the day. The notecards are written in the style of Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey’s hand, and rest against a windowpane covered in slowly cascading raindrops – which are never-ending, thanks to being skillfully “looped” in an animated GIF.

The cards may be a relatively small thing, but Burberry followers seem to be enjoying them, if the initial response count is anything to go by. The cards also amplify two aesthetic themes: one, the handwritten note from Bailey, which the company frequently distributes in the form of invitations and thank yous across its social profiles; and, two, the animated GIF, which Burberry employed during its February catwalk show to showcase its Autumn/Winter 2012 collection.

We love the Burberry brand, and their willingness to embrace GIF marketing! Clearly, their vision is set on the myriad of ways in which this dynamic new short form of communication can be used to enhance marketing and communications.

Drop us a line and tell us how you plan to use a Cinegif in your next marketing campaign – we’re sure it’s just as “noteworthy”!


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