This is How I Want to Vacation…

Our friend Matt Thomson has launched a very cool business called Wavecation.  Matt is a hard-core surfer, and he’s always thought that the perfect vacation would combine good surf  breaks with nice accommodations that were literally just feet from the water.  After spending a lot of time searching for this perfect blend of nice places to stay and right-out-the-back-door surfing, Matt decided to take matters into his own hands – and Wavecation is the result!  When you go to his website, you’ll find a world-wide listing of hot surf spots with cool accommodations that are literally a few feet from the break! I also highly recommend checking our Matt’s Wavecation blog, for even more info and up-to-date news about vacationing far from the madding crowd – and really close to the breaking waves! This is definitely how I want to vacation!

El Saalvador Surf Villa

El Salvador Surf Villa

Matt has also begun integrating Cinegif technology into his website – you’ll notice the two Cinegifs I show here (which are both 600 pixels wide, yet each is well under one megabyte in size!) – the Nicaragua Surf Condo and the El Salvador Surf Villa – are also currently used as thumbnail hot links on his home page.

Nicaragua Surf Condo

Nicaragua Surf Condo

I think it’s much more effective to actually see the waves breaking, just feet from the back door of the accommodations – and experienced surfers will be able to tell a lot from the way the break runs, the size and shape of the waves, and the general geography of the shoreline. The last time I spoke to Matt, he said he’s bringing us back some new video from Mexico to convert to Cinegifs, so keep watching his website and his blog for more examples of  Quality Video Anywhere!


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