The Sky’s the Limit…

We’re always encouraging our users to “Push the Envelope” with their creativity, and visitors to our website find that at one point their choices for processing video into Cinegif files are divided into either “Autopilot” or “Aerobatics”.  It shouldn’t come as any surprise, then, that I’m something of an aviation nut, and aspire to someday building my own experimental aircraft as the ultimate expression of my own creative drive.

Kirby Chambliss flies for Red Bull - video by GoPro

Kirby Chambliss flies for Red Bull – video by GoPro

That having been said, it seems appropriate that the Cinegif video for today’s blog is a short clip of Red Bull air racing champion Kirby Chambliss, doing his thing in one sweet little aircraft.  Just  watching the clip too many times gives me a touch of vertigo – I can’t imagine how he makes it through an entire race, repeatedly pulling as much as 4+ Gee’s in high-speed maneuvers!

Now, obviously, we don’t expect you to run out and jump in a fully-aerobatic rated aircraft to express your creativity – but you CAN indulge your creativity with the “Aerobatics” options on the Create page of our website. By selecting that option rather than “Autopilot”, you gain the ability to modify several settings under each of the areas of Motion, Speed and Quality.  So spread your wings a bit, and try out a few different directions with your next video! Sign up today for a free trial, and discover the freedom and power of Quality Video Anywhere! (Airsickness bags Not required!)


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