Stop the World, I Want to Get…Away!

Land Rover on "Frozen" Congress Ave.We’ve all had those days when we wish we could magically freeze all the activity around us – instantly remove all obstacles in our path – just for long enough to allow a quick and silent getaway, a hassle-free journey to the destination of our choosing…

Obviously, I don’t have any such magical solution – but I can provide a rather magical glimpse of that exact scenario! I’ve grabbed a couple of “Cinemagraph-like” Cinegifs from the archives of our founder and inventor, Doug Richardson, that seem to “freeze” everything that threatens to get in the way, impede progress, or slow down a well-deserved escape from the mundane and boring. LAnd Rover on "Frozen" Loop 360 BridgeSeems appropriate for a Friday, somehow!

The Cinegif above, of the vehicle on Congress Avenue, is a only 427 Kilobytes, and the Cinegif at left, of the vehicle on the Loop 360 Bridge, is only 64 Kilobytes! File sizes that small mean instant-open, instant-play capability in emails, blogs, websites, power point, digital signage and text messages! Go to our website, sign up for a free trial to create your own Cinegifs, and discover the power of Quality Video Anywhere for yourself! To learn more about how to create your own Cinegif, view our instructional video.


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