Check out “Gif of the Day” – We hope it’s a Hit!

We’re understandably excited about the current resurgence of popularity that the animated .gif is experiencing. Whether it’s the high-end “Cinemagraph“, or the edgier, more familiar animated .gif that’s been in use for a while – we’re all for promoting the medium as a whole. With that in mind, we’ve launched our “Gif of the Day” site. Every day we’ll be posting a new animated .gif, selected from a variety of different sources. Some will be ours, some will be from our friends who also create animated .gifs, and some may even be from you, if you send us your work to post! (we will give you full credit)  So put it on your “to do” list – go to and check it out. Just think of it as our “Gif” to you…we’re hoping it will be a hit.

Round Rock Express Player Gets a Hit

Round Rock Express Player Gets a Hit

Speaking of “Hits” – this is a “Cinemagraph”-style animated .gif that Cinegif inventor and founder Doug Richardson created. Even at 600 pixels wide, and manipulated to freeze all motion but the batter hitting and running to first base, the file size of this Cinegif is only 439 Kb! Yes that’s Kilobytes! That means a file small enough to be extremely portable, that will open and play instantly in email, on web pages, banner ads or in blogs! Go to our website and sign up for a free trial to create your own Cinegif.

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