We Bring You Monkeys, How-To’s and Birth!

Okay, that may not be the weirdest title I’ve ever used for this blog – but it’s darn close! Actually, what I’m talking about are three videos that we hope everyone even vaguely interested in Cinegifs – or in the new generation of animated .gifs – will watch. The first video is one I’ve mentioned before – the new documentary that PBS produced on the (re)birth of the animated .gif as a medium – this is a great video, and some of the major players in the new world of animated .gifs are interviewed – well worth the time it takes to watch it!

The second video is a “How-To” that we’ve produced, which  takes the new user through the basic steps of creating a Cinegif on our website. Titled “Idea”, this video shows just how easy it is to use our automated process to create a high-frame-rate, high-quality, second generation animated .gif from your own video.

The third video is a use-specific tutorial that shows the new Cinegif creator how to successfully insert a Cinegif into an email – in this case using the extremely popular Mailchimp platform as the email vehicle provider. (if you’ve ever used Mailchimp, you know that there WILL be monkeying around involved!)

Take just a few moments, and watch these videos – you’ll learn more about an exciting “new” technology that’s really been around for quite a while, and you’ll see for yourself just how easy it is to harness the power of Quality Video Anywhere!


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