Microsoft Releases Cinemagraph-like “Cliplets”

Microsoft’s Research Labs have just released “Cliplets”, a freely downloadable Windows 7 app that lets you take a 10-second video clip and manipulate it so portions of it run (usually in a loop) while the rest remains static. Cliplet Tutorial on YouTubeAlthough the final output is not an animated GIF, but rather either a .mpg or a .wmv file (and therefore not quite as portable as a .gif file), the end result is very similar to the Cinemagraph™-type animated GIF that is enjoying such a wild resurgence in popularity and use right now.

This is a Cinegif of one of Microsoft’s several “Cliplet” tutorials on YouTube. It’s 300 pixels wide, and full of motion, yet the file size is only 625KB – that’s small enough to be extremely portable! It’s also a hotlink to the full length video on YouTube.  Portability, utility and ease of use – that’s the power of Quality Video Anywhere – go to and discover it for yourself.

Remember, just by going to our website , signing up for a free trial, and creating a Cinegif, you’re automatically entered in the Ultimate Cinegif Creator’s Contest for a chance to win over $1,900 in cool digital camera gear. No Purchase Necessary – go to for contest rules, terms and conditions. Contest ends 04/30/2012


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