“Dollar Shave Club – Proof That Innovative Video Works!”

If you’re not already aware of the guerrilla marketing phenomenon that is the Dollar Shave Club, you soon will be. Dollar Shave Club’s maverick CEO Michael Durbin’s YouTube video has been viewed over 4 million times, and the Dollar Shave Club was featured on The Wall Street Journal’s Technology Website/WebcastDollar Shave Club - Michael DurbinWe love to see the “little guy” succeed by doing something new and edgy with video – it proves that innovation and imagination, when combined with guerrilla marketing techniques, can spell success for marketers on  a budget – and Michael Durbin has completely thrown caution to the winds in this video: dropping (bleeped-out, but obvious) “f-bombs”, playing tennis (badly) in his warehouse, (almost) slicing packing tape with a machete, and partying with his lone shipping employee while dancing with a fuzzy bear and wielding a leaf-blower to stir up dollar bills like confetti! How could we not salute such creative madness? Watch out, Schick and Gillette – this guy’s out to make you take it on the chin!

This Cinegif of some of Michael Durbin’s finer moments is definitely full of movement, color, varying POVs and…well…craziness – but the file size is only  1.9 Megabytes!  That’s small enough to be very portable – perfect for embedding as an instant-open, instant play attention-getter in emails, web pages, power point presentations, digital signage or e-commerce sites. Cinegifs make great hot-links from emails to full-length videos, so get your guerrilla marketing game face on, and discover how to give the competition a really close shave – discover the power of Quality Video Anywhere!

Remember, just by going to our website and creating a Cinegif, you’ll be automatically entered in the Ultimate Cinegif Creators’ Contest for a chance to win over $1,900 in cool camera gear. No purchase necessary. Go to www.cinegif.com/contest for contest rules and details.


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