“Cinegif Meets Flash – What a Super Idea!”

We’re very happy to announce that Cinegif now supports the conversion of Flash video files. We’ve had this request from several users, and we’re glad to confirm that now you can upload .flv files on our website for conversion to Cinegifs. Super Hero "the Flash"!After all, Flash users are all about getting things done quickly, right? Well, now Jay, Barry, Wally and Bart can all use the power of Quality Video Anywhere when they’re working in “Flash” mode! We think it’s going to be a truly Super new application of our technology. We’re really excited to see what results our users will produce, when they take this  powerful new capability, and just run with it!

The Cinegif of The Flash above is fully 350 pixels wide, with vertical panning and special effects added, yet the file size is only 1.87 Megabytes! That’s small enough to be very portable – so don’t be afraid of turning those Flash files into Cinegifs. Find out for yourself how quickly your communications will improve, when you add Cinegifs into the mix – we think you’ll see Super results!

Don’t forget – just for going to our website and creating a Cinegif, you’ll be entered in our Ultimate Cinegif Creators’ Contest for a chance to win over $1,900 of cool camera gear. No Purchase Necessary, go to www.cinegif.com/contest for contest details and rules.


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