“Look – Up in the Sky! It’s a Bird – It’s a…Dutchman???”

Today’s blog is a nod to The Flying Dutchman, a.k.a.. Netherlands artist Floris Kaayk, who went by the pseudonym of Jarno Smeets during his wildly creative “Human Birdwings” hoax a couple of weeks ago. His video was so successful that several mainstream media channels picked it up and ran blaring “Man-Powered Flight” headlines – there was even a story on the website Wired that ran with this disclaimer: “…The authenticity of this video has been questioned (Gizmodo, The Register), but Wired’s preliminary analysis by physicist Rhett Allain suggests the video is not necessarily a fake. We are contacting other experts and will update this post when we have more information.”

He fooled a number of very knowledgeable people for several days, until he finally “came clean” on a Dutch TV talk show and admitted his hoax. We’re very impressed with his expertise in video editing, CGI and animation – He definitely “pushed the envelope” of small-budget special effects, and our hat’s off to him. The Cinegif above, showing part of his hoax video, is 300 pixels wide, full of motion, color – and even a split-screen insert – yet the file size is only 1.4 megabytes! That’s small enough to embed in a web page, email or even text message as an instant-open attention-getter to increase your audience engagement. Don’t just “wing it” when it comes to your marketing efforts. Discover the power of Quality Video Anywhere – discover Cinegif, and rise above the crowd!

Remember, just go to our website and create a Cinegif, and you’re automatically entered for a chance to win over $1,900 of cool camera gear. No Purchase necessary. Go to www.cinegif.com/contest for contest rules and details.


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