“Tilt-Shift and Cinegif – Mark Langford “Pushes The Envelope!”

We’re always encouraging our users to experiment with Cinegifs. One of our early adopters and heaviest users, San Antonio professional San Antonio Intersection Tilt-Shift Cinegifphotographer Mark Langford is combining the intriguing technique of Tilt-Shift photography with Cinegifs to “push the envelope” very creatively. I’m fascinated by the way the people, cars and even buildings seem to be magically transformed into “miniatures” – they all take on a toy-like appearance, and the almost “stop-action animation” type of motion just helps to reinforce the impression that toys are being moved around – re-positioned and manipulated for their position in next frame.

Even with the Tilt-Shift technique added into the mix, these Cinegifs are very manageable file sizes – this view of a busy Downtown San Antonio intersection is full of motion and color, but even with the tilt-shift component added into the mix, the finished Cinegif file size is only 933 Kilobytes! That’s small enough to be very portable – to embed seamlessly in email or web pages as a dramatic instant-open, instant-play tool to engage the attention of your audience! Tilt the odds in your favor, and Shift your video marketing to incorporate Cinegifs! You’ll be glad you did!

And don’t forget, just by going on our website and creating a FREE Cinegif, you’re automatically entered in the “Ultimate Cinegif Creators’ Contest’ for a chance to win ove $1,900.00 of cool camera gear! No Purchase necessary, go to www.cinegif.com/contest for contest rules and details.


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