“Quality Video Anywhere – It’s a Slam Dunk…”

In case you haven’t noticed, these days there are a few “Slam Dunks” happening in places that we don’t normally expect to see them. Like this game in the 2nd Round of the Women’s NCAA Basketball Championship Series, between Baylor and The University of Florida. That’s a very definite dunk by Baylor’s Brittney Griner, and although Florida’s coach said they were prepared for Griner’s ability to dunk the basketball, you have to think it was still pretty intimidating – and yes, Florida did lose to Baylor, by a lop-sided score of 76-57.

This Cinegif of Brittney dunking is a full 300 pixels wide, and shows a lot of motion and color changes, yet the finished file size is barely 1Mb! That’s small enough to embed in an email or feature on a web page as an instant-open, instant-play attention getter! Go to our website and create your own FREE Cinegif – it’s so easy, that now putting Quality Video Anywhere really is a Slam Dunk!

Don’t forget, just by going to our website and creating a FREE Cinegif, you’ll be automatically entered in our “Ultimate Cinegif Creators’ Contest” for a chance to win over $1,900.00 in cool camera gear to create video clips. No purchase is necessary, go to www.cinegif.com/contest for contest rules and details.


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