The Story of the Animated GIF – Courtesy of PBS’ “Off Book” Series

The Public Broadcasting System (PBS) web-based series “Off Book” has just featured a great new seven-minute history of the rise and fall – and rise again – of the animated .gif . Naturally, we were excited to see it, because it tells the story of the 25 year history of the animated .gif so very well. Some of the most creative, innovative and active developers & users of this new form of communication are featured, including Patrick Davison of MemeFactoryTopherChris of TumblrPamela Reed and Matthew Rader – partners in Reed+Rader; and Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg, creators of Cinemagraphs.

It’s fascinating to watch the evolution of the animated .gif from the earliest Web 1.0 versions – the most ubiquitous of which was the yellow and black “Under Construction” animated .gif, which was found in literally thousands of different iterations similar to this version – up to the current efforts that are pushing the format into the realm of fine art by creating powerful and evocative visual imagery.

We’ve added our own version of the latter category, which is definitely more “Cinemagraph-like” than anything else, just to show that a Cinegif, while extremely practical and utilitarian, is also perfectly at home in the realm of fashion and fine art. This Cinegif is 300 pixels wide, yet has an incredibly small file size of just 52.6 Kb, which makes it perfect for embedding in emails, web pages – or even text messages – as an instant-open, instant-play attention-getter! Consider the advantages of using a Cinegif in your next marketing effort – see how easy it can be to harness the power of Quality Video Anywhere.

Create your own FREE Cinegif just by going to our website and uploading a video for conversion. It’s completely FREE to you, and you’ll be automatically entered in our Ultimate Cinegif Creator’s Contest for a chance to win a great digital camera package valued at over $1,900.00! No Purchase Necessary – contest details and rules at



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