Extreme Cinegif – courtesy of GoPro

GoPro moto video

Click to see full video

The introduction of the GoPro video camera within the past couple of years has created a new niche in videography – one that provides a never before seen perspective.  Extreme sports have become popular among teenagers and twenty-somethings, and they look for ways to preserve and share the perspective from their bike, long board, motorcycle, car, surf board and any other moving object that they can find!  These videos are sometimes scary, especially the amateur ones that you find scattered across YouTube.  Our favorites are the ones created and promoted by GoPro themselves that depict “professionals” performing at an extreme level.  These are fun to watch and very beautifully done.  We grabbed a few from YouTube and created Cinegif images to demonstrate how Quality Video can be seen Anywhere.

GoPro Base Jump Avalance video

Click to see full video

Like all Cinegif images, they are instant-open and instant-play, without any plug-ins or special third-party software.  As you can see, they are as engaging as a video, with the simplicity of an image file.  We are using these Cinegif images as “hotlinks” to the orginal video found on the GoPro website – a great example of how you could use a Cinegif to help market and promote your own brand.


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