Cinegifs in Use…Real World Examples of “Quality Video Anywhere”

If you follow this blog – or visit our website –  you know that “Quality Video Anywhere” is our slogan. Since we’ve thrown open our technology to allow anyone to upload video to our website and create a FREE Cinegif, we’re seeing some very exciting  examples of that phrase. One of the best examples of Cinegifs in use is found on the website of Mark Langford, a Professional Photographer in San Antonio, Texas.Mark Langford's Home Page Mark uses Cinegifs as hotlinks on his home page that connect to the full-length videos showcasing his artistry with a camera. Websites have a limited amount of time to capture a viewer’s attention (recent studies have shown that the average online attention span is only 10-12 seconds!). By incorporating Cinegifs into his home page, Mark has harnessed the power of “Quality Video Anywhere” to increase audience engagement and elevate audience response.

Get your own FREE Cinegif to use in web pages, email or blogs. Just go to our website,, and select the “Create” page. Follow a few simple steps to upload your video, and you’ll get back a finished Cinegif, completely free of charge, to insert virtually anywhere that you would use a still image. Don’t forget, just for going to our website and uploading video to convert to a FREE Cinegif, you’re also automatically entered in our “Ultimate Cinegif Creator’s Contest” for a chance to win a great package of gear that’s perfect for producing video clips. Valued at over $1,900.00 – some lucky Cinegif user will win it FREE! No purchase necessary – go to for contest details and contest rules.


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