GO – To our website, www.cinegif.com – the “Create” page is now active, and anyone may go there to upload a video for conversion to a FREE Cinegif.

CreateUpload your video on the “Create” page, choose either “Autopilot” for standard conversion to a Cinegif, or choose “Aerobatics”, and get really creative – push the envelope a bit, and show us what you’ve got – it’s still FREE!

 WIN! – Just by logging on to our site and creating a Cinegif, you’re automatically entered in our “Ultimate Cinegif Creator’s Contest”.  There’s nothing to buy, absolutely no purchase is necessary – you still get a FREE Cinegif  and you’re also entered for a chance to win the “Ultimate Cinegif Creator’s Kit”.

What is the “Ultimate Cinegif Creator”s Kit”? Well, our friends at Precision Camera right here in Austin helped us put together a great combination of gear, perfect for creating video clips to be converted to Cineigfs. The Ultimate Cinegif Creator’s Kit features the new SONY NEX-7  digital camera (24 megapixels) with the 18-55 lens, a cool new Fotodiox 312AS Dual Color LED lighting kit, and the very trick Manfrottto 561BHDV-1 Fluid Video Mono-pod with head. All the gear together is worth over $1,900.00 – but you get a chance to win it just by creating a FREE Cinegif on our site.

A FREE Cinegif, and a chance to win over $1,900.00 worth of digital camera and accessories – just for logging onto our website and uploading a video…Sounds like a Win-Win Scenario to me!  Check out the contest rules and the Ultimate Cinegif Creator”s Kit at www.cinegif.com/contest  


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