On Your Mark, Get Set…Create!

"Create Page"Cinegif websiteThe “Create” page  is now active on our website.  Obviously, this is good news for us – but it’s also good news for you, because we’re making our technology available, at no cost, to anyone who wants to upload a video, and create their own Cinegif!  It’s easy to get started – just go to our website, navigate to the “Create” page, as shown in the Cinegif running to the right, and follow the simple steps to create your own FREE Cinegif.

As an added bonus, anyone who creates a FREE Cinegif is automatically entered in the “Ultimate Cinegif Creator’s Contest”.  You don’t have to buy anything –  just for going to our site and creating a FREE Cinegif, you get a chance to win a SONY NEX-7 Digital Camera, a Fotodiox 312AS LED Lighting Kit, and a Manfrotto Professional Mono-pod.  The incredibly knowledgeable and professional folks at Precision Camera here in Austin helped us put this package together, so you know it’s great gear! We’ll have more information about the contest up on the site shortly, but if you upload a video and create a Cinegif, you’re entered. On Your Mark, Get Set…



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