“Spring is in the Air…”

It’s still late February, but here in Austin we’re already flirting with Spring-like weather…Texas Spring, that is – it made it to 90 degrees here today!  Still, it won’t be long until every kind of flowering plant you can imagine is in bloom, and while we may not see a lot of tulips in Texas, I just couldn’t resist showing this Cinegif  – I call it “Technicolor Tulip”, because of the rich, vibrant colors that are so well preserved, even in the reduced file size made possible by converting standard video to a far more “portable” Cinegif.

Cinegif of "Technicolor Tulip"

This Cinegif is a full 600 pixels wide, and clearly saturated in color, yet the file size is only 638 Kb! That’s small enough to  use in an email as an instant open, instant play attention-getter! It’s also a manageable file size for adding video to text message exchanges.  We’re swinging into Spring with a new website, a new iPhone App and everything you need to make your digital communications blossom with creativity! Follow this blog, and go to our website, www.cinegif.com to learn how you can create a FREE Cinegif!


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