“Signs, Signs, Everywhere There’s Signs…”

Austin Motel, SoCo DistrictI love the look of classic neon signs – they almost seem to create their own little “time warps”, magically transporting us back to an age of glowing energy and endless potential, just waiting to be tapped and realized.

Continental Club, SoCo District These are three of my favorite neon signs, and they may be found adorning The Austin Motel and The Continental Club in the trendy “SoCo” district of South Congress Avenue, and the Ritz (Alamo Drafthouse) on Sixth Street, in the heart of the downtown entertainment district.  The Ritz, Sixth Street District

The reduced file size of a Cinegif makes it perfect for placing video in email or for embedding video in text message exchanges.   Engage your audience, and tell them your story – without the cost, complexity or file size of traditional video.  The signs are obvious – Cinegif Quality Video Anywhere is the answer.

Come to our website –  http://www.cinegif.com – to learn more, and find out how to create your own Cinegif for free! While you’re there, check out our iPhone app for mobile video conversion to a Cinegif.


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