“Congress in full session…”

Lined with an eclectic mix of beautifully restored historic buildings interspersed with examples of the very latest in glistening glass and steel architecture, Congress Avenue is the “main street” of downtown Austin, Texas.  Just walking a few blocks down this vibrant, dynamic (and often entertaining), thoroughfare is an experience all its own. From the grandeur and history of the State Capitol at one end, to the hugely popular whimsy of the nightly “Bat Launch” at the Congress Avenue Bridge on the other, there is something for everyone. This Cinegif features the view looking North up Congress Avenue at dusk. The gleaming blue-green glass facade of the Frost Bank Tower (with looks evocative of the Empire State Building) hauntingly reflects the image of the  building next to it, while the State Capitol, visible in the distance, seems to serve as an anchor point to the fascinating, frenetic, seemingly endless ebb and flow of life that is Congress Avenue.

This truly beautiful image is 600 pixels wide, and full of color and motion – yet the finished Cinegif file size is only 1.8 Megabytes! We’ve now thrown our technology open to creative professionals for a trial use at no charge. Comment on this blog, and let us know that you’re interested in seeing where you can go with a Cinegif, and we’ll help you get there!


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