“We Have Plans…”

‘The Architect”

We often focus on the Cinegif as a fine art form, and there’s no doubt that they can be museum-quality images, but this particular Cinegif illustrates yet another use of the technology:  generating very “portable” video reviews or presentations of schematics, plans, or other technical graphics.  Business communications can be greatly enhanced through the incorporation of a Cinegif. In addition to opening and playing instantly in email and text messages, Cinegifs also open and play in PowerPoint and KeyNote presentations, without the need for any third-party software. That means no plug-ins, no add-ons, no embedded players. You get the impact of video, melded with the elegant simplicity of a photograph.

This Cinegif is 300 pixels wide, but the finished file size is only 888 Kb! It opens and plays instantly in email or text messages, without the need (or the burden!) of third-party software. We’re eager to see how you can employ a Cinegif to enhance and streamline the use of technical imagery. Follow this blog to get information on how to activate your free trial of Cinegif technology.  We’ve got plans for you!


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