“Creativity On Tap…”

As we make our way through the fast-paced world in which we live, it’s easy to lose sight of the little details. Pushing to meet a deadline, rushing to stay on schedule – all too often we find ourselves ignoring the fascinating minutiae surrounding us, just so we can stay focused on the “Big Picture”.

One of the great things about Cinegif technology is the way it enables and empowers creative professionals. Having the license to place quality video anywhere that a still image can go allows a shift in focus, a transition in perception – the ability to create an entire universe in crystalline microcosm. Take a moment, and contemplate the serene simplicity of a shimmering drop of water…

This Cinegif is 600 pixels wide, yet the file size is just 796 Kb – yes, that’s Kb! We’re mere days away from throwing our technology open to creative professionals for a free trial period. Follow this blog, and see what we’ve got on tap for you!


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