The Secret Garden…

Some images just seem to call to you on a very basic level.  This Cinegif – which I like to call “The Secret Garden” – appeals to me in a number of different ways, on several different levels.  It has all the impact of a video, melding seamlessly with the elegant simplicity of high quality photography. The fact that I can easily share its appeal by emailing it as an instant-open, instant-play file  –  even in this 600 pixel-wide format, the Cinegif file size is only 624 Kb – makes it even more attractive!

We’re excited about the upcoming opportunity to see what some of the most creative professionals working today will be able to produce using Cinegifs.  Keep watching this blog for the announcement that we’re throwing open our technology for a free trial period – we can’t wait to begin traveling through the landscape of your imagination!


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