Get the Picture?

This Cinegif is a lot of fun – it always takes first-time viewers by surprise! We’ve mentioned before that a Cinegif melds the impact of video with the simplicity of a still image, and that’s a great combination for a lot of applications – not the least of which is product promotional marketing messages.  We don’t want you to think that we’re all “flash” and no substance, so here’s an example of a Cinegif  used demonstrate a particular product feature, while still providing “beauty shot” imagery of  that product.

The Cinegif above  is 600 pixels wide, with a file size of 1.8 Mb.  The Cinegif below is the 300 pixel wide version, with a file size of only 540Kb – and they both were converted from an original video file that was 127 Mb!

If you think successful marketing is all about timing, focus and crafting a message to capture the audience’s attention, then you need to incorporate Cinegif into your efforts. It’s a great way to make sure that your customers get the picture!


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